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    Hauturely Goes to The Middle-East – Old Town Legacies Part 1
    written by Daleeda Soomar

    Photographer Yisoo Kim returns to the old-world district of Dubai- Al Seef. “Seef” meaning “shore” in Arabic, the heritage area replete with wind towers, alleyways, and sandstone buildings, offers a glimpse of past life. Found upon the shores of the Bur Dubai s…[Read more]

    • The glucophone is a conductor to the meditative aver of unbidden improvisation. Through this estrangement in run-of-the-mill life, we enter the “shoot” and stitch to the “start”, which allows us to tackle prove a fresh look at the incredible in ourselves and ourselves in the in every respect, chance hidden resources and foster intuiti…[Read more]

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    Editorial # 001 : $OULCAP

    Coat: Nguyen Hoang Tu – @nguyenhuongtuofficial, Boon Paris – @boonparis
    Earing: Stylist’s Own

    Fashion Editor: Youness BOUMIA –
    Photographer: Antoine BEDOS – @antoinebedos
    Art Director: Cyana DJOHER – @djohermystere
    Stylist: Gabin TRAPIER PAPAPIETRO – @gabintrp
    Hair: Kevin ROUX – @kevinrouxhair
    Makeup: Emilie ROVEYAZ…[Read more]

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    Men go Gender-fluid

    Gender Fluid is the new Men’s beauty and that’s good to see in Fashion !!!

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    Beautés transcendantes

    Models are still the superstar of fashion. From Naomi Campbell to Kendall Jenner, they represent the Beauty image in the Fashion Industry. But Diversity must be the new word in the castings today.

    #parisfashionweek #fashionshow #runway #topmodel #model #naomicampbell #kenda…[Read more]

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    Matthew Williams, the next Givenchy ?

    I was sure that Matthew will get the job !!!
    Good luck to you and can’t wait for your first show for GIVENCHY this month !!!

    #givenchy #matthewwilliams #newartisticdirector #pfw #parisfashionweek #Fall2020 #Spring2021

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