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    My favorite ready-to-wear season would be spring! I say this because firstly, I love the colours, shades, prints, silhouettes and inspirations the designers use due to the season. The looks become more wearable and ideal for us on a daily basis.
    Secondly I enjoy the mood spring creates. Spring brings a very positive and happy…[Read more]

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    2. Details at Valentino Spring 2014
    #valentino #spring14 2-valentino-spring-14

    2. Details
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    I am in love with this Valentino Cosmos embroidered clutch bag
    #valentino 518aa89f9c9b89b2d1ac552a05b74038

    I am in lo
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    Valentino Spring 2017 RTW detail (via livingly.com) #spring2017 #valentino #ss17 #runwaydetails #runway 7acc0b46890da4ae9e534ba2a4b32993

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