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    Timeless Menswear at Carlos Campos Spring Summer 2020 during New York Fashion Week
    Carlos Campos continues to return to New York Fashion Week, eighteen years after he first presented his designs there in 2001. Over the years, the Latin designer launched his menswear fashion label in New York during 2006, which also embraced a womenswear collection for NYFW in 2008. He won the Fashion Group International’s 12th Annual Rising Star Award for menswear in 2009 and was chosen as a finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

    Campos grew up in a design household, his love for tailoring, inspired by his father, shone through in his Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2020 collection. This show had the most beautiful selection of models I have seen walk the runway! The clothes were just as stunning. There was a flawless balance between Campos’ trademark ‘all neon everything’ with neutral shades of beige and white. The bright pinks and blues gave the collection the pop of color it needed.

    The designer’s logo was printed as a three-dimensional letter onto shirts and t-shirts, along with the appearance of a small male motif rocking pink hair. Stripes contrasted with geometric color-blocked shapes. The silky-soft fabrics and very high-quality material turned the smart/casual collection into premium fashion.

    The sporty style was comprised of men’s suits with baggy trousers and trainers. Urban boiler suits reminded me of fashionable ski wear and bright salopettes from the eighties era. A beige jumpsuit – worn by model Justin Halley – with a bright pink hem and seam detailing, finished off with white trainers, was a personal favorite. For us, this look was the epitome of the collection.
    written by Tess Hardy
    Click HERE to view the full Carlos Campos Spring Summer 2020 collection.
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    Timeless MTimeless MTimeless MTimeless M
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    Cute Couture at Giovanni Bedin Spring Summer 2020 during Haute Couture Fashion Week
    Since founding his label in 2017, Giovanni Bedin has officially completed his first fashion show, presenting his Runway Spring/Summer 2020 collection of Ready-to-Wear haute couture in Paris, France. The feminine collection was full of delicate details and lightness in motion.

    The Italian designer focused on shapes and cutouts, drawing attention to the female figure and uncovering precision. He used his favorite accessory of whalebones for corsets and miniskirts, sculpting the body and creating subtle dimensions. Bedin limited his color palette to neutrals of black, white, light pink, and blue, rather than using vibrant colors that may distract attention away from the details.

    The catwalk took place at Hotel de Crillon, a Rosewood Hotel, which was an ideal location for an afternoon show in 30-degree heat! The models made an entrance through large open doors, weaving their way around a light and airy room with wooden floors, passing mirrors and reflections showing the elaborate and grand gold ornamentation of the building. Walking with a potent stride and always on the move, the models represented the innocence yet fierceness of women, with natural, ‘barely there’ makeup and slicked-back hair.

    A lot of skin was on show; sleeveless and transparent dresses – almost representative of lingerie – revealed the midriff and silhouette underneath. The lace-up boots and floral prints emphasized the cute, pretty, and girly aspects of the collection. It was lovely to see influencers in the front row wearing similar styles, with fashion model, Marianne Fonseca, even wearing one of Giovanni Bedin’s dainty, baby blue designs!
    written by Tess Hardy
    Click HERE to view the full Giovanni Bedin Spring Summer 2020 collection.
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    Cute CoutuCute CoutuCute CoutuCute Coutu
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    Creative Knitwear at MLRR and Papel de Punto Fall Winter 2019 during Bogotá Fashion Week
    MLRR – also known as Mulierr – and Papel de Punto were two more clothing brands who had the chance to show off their new designs at Bogotá Fashion Week 2019. Latin American brand, MLRR, uses organic cotton for every garment, supporting sustainable practices while also helping the environment and taking responsibility for our planet. The designs for their handmade embroidery and knits are inspired by the natural geometry and textures of everyday life.

    Papel de Punto is the perfect balance between art and fashion, offering neat but fun knitwear made in Colombia. Laura Acevedo, the fashion and textile designer, works alongside her partner, Felipe Guerra, the brand architect and editor of style, creating collections with a global vision of both fashion and gender.

    Both of these brands presented aesthetic collections at Bogotá Fashion Week 2019, full of creative knitting. The Mullierr team believes, ‘a day without knitting is like a day without sunshine…creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking the rules, making mistakes, and having fun’. It is all about the enjoyment of details in these collections, bringing unique and diverse style to the runway.

    Papel de Punto brought us some sunshine with their Fall/Winter collection, with pops of yellow, baby blue, and orange combined with distinctive dolphin and cheetah designs. In contrast to MLRR with no bold graphics, Papel de Punto had a mix of rainbows, smiley faces, and grid formations. The designer has admitted how the weather of Bogotá affects her work. In this collection, waves of water and palm tree designs represent the tropical country of Colombia. In contrast, they are printed onto cozy fabrics, which are needed in the colder city of Bogotá.
    written by Tess Hardy
    Click HERE to view the full MLRR Fall Winter 2019 collection.
    Click HERE to view the full Papel de Punto Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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    Pasarela – MLRR y Papel – BFW 2019Pasarela – MLRR y Papel – BFW 2019Pasarela – MLRR y Papel – BFW 2019Pasarela – MLRR y Papel – BFW 2019

    Creative KCreative KCreative KCreative K
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    Sparkling Chic at Steven Khalil Fall Winter 2019 during Haute Couture Fashion Week
    One of the most outstanding shows during Paris Fashion Week has to be Steven Khalil’s collection ‘Dame En Fleurs.’ As Khalil was inspired by the delicacy of flowers and the strength of their beauty, many pieces of this haute couture collection sparkled with numerous embroidered flowers. In an interview with Vogue Australia, Khalil explains his vision for the designs: “I wanted to examine the anatomy of flowers in their different stages of bloom — they are so delicate but also have a strength and beauty that appeals to everyone. I was interested to see how these elements could work together.”

    The result proved to be a dazzling haze of both breezy and skin-tight shimmering dresses. The breathtaking creations of the Australian bridal and red carpet fashion designer were made in various soft, romantic colors like dove grey, silver, and white, but also in dramatic black. Organza and sequins were materials that returned in various designs. The necklines changed from strapless to deep v-necks and elegant high-necks. One of the most outstanding dresses has to be the asymmetrically cut-up viridian blue tulle dress that came near the end of the show. The combination of the various tulle layers with the romantically embellished bodice created a highly dramatic effect.

    As for accessories, most models wore fabulous high-heeled strappy sandals, often in a simple nude, so one’s attention was immediately captured by the stunning dresses. The fairytale vibe of the collection could also be noticed in the details, as different romantic hairstyles consisted of soft, loose curls, and the make-up looks supported the illusion of ultra-feminine porcelain beauty. Debuted alongside Khalil’s couture was his new jewelry collection, featuring delicate and luxurious designs, representing everything we expect from the lavish world of couture jewelry. The Versailles themed setting, with its numerous glistening chandeliers added to the dreaminess of the show.
    written by Elena Van Meirvenne
    Click HERE to view the full Steven Khalil Fall Winter 2019 Haute Couture collection.
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    Sparkling Sparkling Sparkling Sparkling
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    All About Retro Feels at Bendita Seas Fall Winter 2019 during Bogotá Fashion Week
    Founded in 2005 by the publicist and designer Viviana Alba, the Colombian brand Bendita Seas designs highly original garments for creative, fun, and tasteful women. The brand is famous for its coats, dresses, skirts, boots, and its unique, feminine, and colorful details.

    Their collection for the autumn-winter 2019 shown in April during Bogota Fashion Week, was a real feast for the fashion eye. The collection featured many unexpected contrasts of color and textures, with irregular cuts, square patterns, and floral embroidery elevating simple dresses, skirts, and jackets. All of the looks featured a mixture of retro and avant-garde with subtle kitsch touches while remaining very wearable.

    Rock N’ Rock Chic at Ducky Black Fall Winter 2019 during Bogotá Fashion Week
    Ducky Black is the punk rock chic brand of Colombian designer Luisa Alvarado. It caters to adult women who maintain a passion for the punk attitude, but who also like to incorporate a vision of a romantic lifestyle in their wardrobe. Handmade with innovative cuts, and using materials such as Spanish Nappa leather, Ducky Black offers sophisticated pieces with a rock-’n-roll vibe.

    Their collection for the autumn-winter of 2019, shown in April during Bogota Fashion Week, brought the brand’s serious punk vibes to the runway. The show opened with a kimono-style dress in a combined bluebird and green dragon pattern. Flowy flared trousers in bright colors like yellow and pink were combined with black and purple biker jackets, next to all-black outfits. The rock-’n roll factor was established by choice for black biking shoes, spiked chokers, and dramatic black eye-makeup, creating the illusion of the models wearing a mask.
    written by Elena Van Meirvenne
    Click HERE to view the full Bendita Seas Fall Winter 2019 collection.
    Click HERE to view the full Ducky Black Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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