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    The Future and the Familiar at Flying Solo Spring Summer 2020 during New York Fashion Week
    Flying Solo produces collections with designs made by multiple designers, sending an array of colors and styles marching down the runway each season. This season’s collection seemed to introduce a futuristic twist to the ensemble of classic silhouettes. The collection had pieces for work-related, leisurely, and formal occasions. The show featured both female and male models, who walked down the runway in pairs in coordinating clothing.

    Given that the pieces all came from different designers, the effect was an eclectic mix of different inspiration points. The points of inspiration ranged everywhere from animal prints, women’s blazers, androgyny, and traditionally feminine. The first piece to walk down the runway featured a piece of armor, introducing the collection with the sensation of going to battle. Several of the pieces throughout the collection were traditional Asian clothing mixed with Western influence. Some of the pieces included a Kimono styled into a wrap dress, traditional oriental patterns, and a collared shirt paired with a Kimono and traditional Japanese fan. Androgyny also appeared quite a bit in the form of elongated flowing collared shirts and tunics and all-white layered looks worn on both men and women, contrasting the traditional styles present in the show,

    The pieces continued to surprise the audience with one unexpected piece after another, fusing classic silhouettes with a futuristic touch. While traditional collared shirts and simple dresses were present, these items were modernized by being streamlined and given a minimal silhouette. One of the looks started as a top and was released down into a dress when the model pulled a cord. The eclectic designs, mixed with shiny textiles, slicked-back hair with modernized hats, all contributed to the collection’s imagination of the future through the use of familiar silhouettes. While the pieces all had a unique flair to them, they were rooted in the familiarity of the occasions and lifestyles we all recognize.
    written by Emma Kolakowski
    Click HERE to view the full Flying Solo Spring Summer 2020 collection.
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