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    Scandinavian International Fashion Week: When Stockholm Gets Extra Glamorous
    SIFW (Scandinavian International Fashion Week) is a new fashion project aiming to add the glam of couture designers to the glamorous setting of Stockholm. This year it does so by opening up for the public the magnificent Blue Hall at Stockholm City Hall, the one you might have seen during the Nobel Prize ceremony. Several international designers presented: Sonja Andersson, born in Luanda, capital of Angola, and also the founder of SIF (Scandinavian International Fashion Week), Karima Lalla El Alaoui, Alicja Eklöw (Aspera), Ruslan Khvastov, Iracema Matias (Regarde Moi Couture), Carlos Medeiros and Elsa Gonçalves (Oficina do Burel), Noor Thandi Modise (Oscar & Rose) and Zulema Murillo (Zumi Marbella).

    Sitting front row beside me were several photographers and fashion bloggers. Around us was a fashionable public and the representatives of many embassies.

    The fashion show started with a scene dress by Sonja Andersson. The flouncy see-through snow-white dress, made in recycled bubble wrap, was enriched with fire-red details; snow/fire being a combination which the designer thinks expresses her double nature, as an Angolan-born woman who grew up in Stockholm where her father was an employee at the Angolan embassy in Sweden. Swaying left and right the model welcomed us all to the show. Trains, shining red fabrics, rich ruffles and asymmetric details were the dominating notes in Sonja Andersson´s carefully tailored couture collection.

    Next up was the South African brand Oscar & Rose. The fashion designer was inspired by the different traditional costumes worn by the women of the South African tribes. Their images were rendered in a stylized way in her very distinctive prints which decorates both flouncy long dresses and A line short dresses and tops. Her outfits would delight women with a taste for contemporary art searching for something different.

    Zumi Marbella´s collection is meant for an elegant and very feminine woman. Her distinctive marks are wraps, two-color combinations and high-quality fabrics. Her most noticeable piece, in my opinion, was a very revealing loose fit two layers beige and pink dress with deep plunging neck and high slit.

    The first part of the show was closed by Ruslan Khvastov´s male collection The Ukrainian fashion designer has a modern and very cool style and uses carefully chosen fabrics. His distinctive dark t-shirt with crosses in burn out fabric, his striped tight trousers, skull backpacks and t-shirts with skull motifs, black t-shirts with shiny details, cuts and hoods are just made to make one cool.

    After a brief pause with live singing, it was Karima El Alaoui´s turn. With her we got models styled as queens on the runaway and we plunged in the Moroccan traditional fashion. And they did look like royalty in their traditional Moroccan ceremonial Takchita dresses in both soft, dark and lively colors, with rich embroidery and pearls decorations. A most amazing piece was a richly embroidered light pink gown with light blue underskirt.

    Next was Oficina do Burel which focused on outerwear and dresses made of Burel, a traditional, sustainably produced, Portuguese wool fabric available both in a thicker and in a finer version. What once was a fabric used by the shepherds is now a trendy fabric for elegant and warm women´s wear. The distinctive mark of the brand is an intricate decoration made through cuts that show the contrasting underlayer. The colors used by the Portuguese designers range from electric blue, yellow, fuchsia and red to grey and beige. Their tight fitted or flared short dresses were matched with enchanting capes and coat capes. My favorite piece was a yellow embellished cape closed by a grey ribbon belt.

    The Swedish designer Alicja Eklöw (Aspera) presented a collection that reminds of the ice-skating world and puts one directly in a party mood. She used tulle and embellished sparkling fabrics to create dresses in different shapes that can suit different body types: from a wide tulle ballgown with a strapless bodice to a remarkable yellow mermaid dress embellished with sequins.

    The Angolan fashion designer Iracema Matias showcased an extremely chic collection mixing a light blue fabric with tiny stripes with a dotted kind of impressionistic fabric in a variety of models matched with pretty hats. The dresses were very carefully tailored and perfect for an elegant woman. A noticeable piece was a longuette dress with a central panel ending in an asymmetric lapel.

    Ruslan Khvastov´s female collection consisted of an outstanding series of sheer and elegant dream-dresses embellished with sequins or fine embroidery, often with leaves as a motif. The dresses were matched with scarves, veils or capes creating a strong scenic effect. The color palette ranges from gold, silver red and burgundy to light blue and white. The fashion show was closed by the Ukrainian fashion designer meeting up a beautiful model dressed with a white bridal dress covered by a veil with delicate embroidered leaves.

    Here at Scandinavian International Fashionweek we admired a dazzling fashion show, a celebration of multicultural diversity and excellence which did not forget to keep an eye out to sustainability. Down the renowned stairs came a powerful message of elegance and beauty, revealing and full of wisdom: because truth is beauty and beauty is … a designer dress — that is all.
    written by Sara Gilardi
    photography by Federica Poiana
    Click HERE to view the full Scandinavian International Fashion Week July 2019 collection.#article #federicapoiana #saragilardi #sifwarticle #zumimarbella #sonjaandersson #regardemoi #oscarrose #ruslankhvastov #darelbarchmane #oficinadoburel #asperahauturely_a_outfit18-1-of-1hauturely_kv_outfit5-1-of-1hauturely_kv_woman_outfit3-1-of-1hauturely_rm_outfit5-1-of-1

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    Tatras Joins Riot Hill for Fall Winter 2020
    written by Youness Boumia
    “So Far so good” These are the words we could hear, as an introduction for this special collaboration between TATRAS, known for its high-quality winter sportswear and RIOT HILL, a Streetwear brand founded by Jordan FRESHER and well appreciated by the famous singer The Weeknd. A plus, the support of Bella HADID coming to the show, holding a glass of champagne, in a total look from the collection: a khaki multi-pocket pants with a layering of a black turtleneck and utilitarian jacket.

    How to describe the collection in three words? Violent, anonymous, and order. After been a few minutes in the dark with light flashed, silhouettes appear with hematomas and scars faces (obviously it is makeup), with aesthetic references from military and utility clothing. Technical fabrics as nylon make bombers and coats, embellished with steel details as zippers, push-buttons, multi-pocket pants. We then move more into a defensive style reinforced, but the heavy ranger boots the oversized shapes, giving strength to the looks, like the “blanket like” puffer jacket. Get ready for the harsh winter!
    Click HERE to view the full Tatras Fall Winter 2020 collection.
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    Tatras JoiTatras JoiTatras JoiTatras Joi
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    Emerging Designers From The Platform FLYING SOLO Show Their New Fall Winter 2020 Collections During NYFW
    Flying Solo is the largest independent designer platform in the US, formed by independent designers from all around the world. It is owned and operated by the designers themselves, and the objective is to transform fashion culture through revolutionary retail experience and a personal collection. Flying Solo provides them with both opportunities to sell their collections directly to the costumers (online and in their retail store in NYC) and to present them during NYFW in a show they call Flying Solo Couture.

    Last February, a long list of designers presented their FW20 collections. Overall, the show was very eclectic. Each designer has a very different style from the other, which brings more richness to the presentation. The collections went from a very sporty and fashion-forward style to those that opted for more formal clothes and classic shapes.

    There were many significant collections, but some of the designers caught the audience’s attention more than others, leaving a lasting impression. MONOSUIT was one of them. The Russian brand designed by Masha Agapkina presented a collection that combined the signature oversized modern athleisure looks in a neon palette, with more classical styles in black, grey, and white colors, but without losing the sporty vibe. Fur hats, ranging in colors from hot pink to neon turquoise, were also memorable. Di Vicenzo was one of the other highlighted designers. He presented a different collection from Monosuit, which was elegant, glamorous, and luxurious, showing the contrast between designers and their styles. The designs were body-accentuating dresses and separates, made using modern technology and innovative yarns to create perfectly fitted garments that would shape the wearer’s figure with its signature knitted look. With a very neutral color palette including black, white, nude, navy, and maroon, fringes were the star element that adorned the dresses, some of which also included shiny details.
    written by Aina Matamoros
    Click HERE to view the full Flying Solo Fall Winter 2020 collection.
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    Cynthia Rowley Gets Inspired By Dr. Seuss For Her Spring Summer 2020 Collection
    Cynthia Rowley began her career in fashion while studying at the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduation, she took what little seed money she had and moved to NYC to start her eponymous fashion brand. The designer is known to take risks. This unparalleled sense of adventure that effortlessly translates into the spirit of the brand through a playful assortment of pretty dresses, beachy separates, and swim/surf. Cynthia Rowley has gone on to win numerous accolades, including a CFDA Award and Designer of the Year at the American Image Awards.

    Cynthia Rowley, the brand, is built on the philosophy that fashion should be an adventure. The brand’s signature pretty-meets-sporty assortment features ready-to-wear, surf and swim, fitness, accessories, and home decor. Sustainability plays an essential role in the brand’s production process – limited quantities are produced in every piece to avoid excess inventory.

    Deemed the pioneer of “surf-leisure” by Vogue, the brand’s signature wetsuits and neoprene swimwear are produced using recycled materials and green technology for a gentler and more sustainable environmental impact. Cynthia Rowley’s mission is rooted in women’s empowerment. The brand exudes a spontaneous spirit, and actively redefines fashion’s boundaries, inspiring women everywhere to take risks and live life fearlessly.

    For her SS20 collection, designer Cynthia Rowley turned Tribeca’s tucked-away Jay Street into an animated, happy playland inspired by Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.”

    Rowley’s runway was printed with images from the book, and a few dresses toward the end of the show included mash-ups of Dr. Seuss’s fine art. But instead of just co-opting his designs, the designer worked in whimsical elements to her feminine fest. Scalloped details, striped raffia hats, and cloud eye makeup all transmitted the same spirit. Aside from floral frocks, Rowley presented strong separates, like trousers with two different colored legs, a column day dress that was half-white, half-beige, and pieces with graphic patchworked color blocks.

    Models with boxy luggage or in a standout floral wetsuit, surfboard in hand, closed the show, ready for their next destinations.
    written by Aina Matamoros
    Click HERE to view the full Cynthia Rowley Spring Summer 2020 collection.
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    Cynthia RoCynthia RoCynthia RoCynthia Ro
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    WISHARAWISH Presents A Collection That Combines Traditional Craftsmanship And Contemporary Design for Spring Summer 2020

    Wisharawish Akarasantisook became one of Thailand’s most promising young designers in the early 2010s. His approach to design remains as honest as the first day: it is a form of self-expression rather than business, and creative exploration. Championing technical mastery, immaculate handicrafts, and intricate details on pattern, Wisharawish plays with repetition of forms and geometric shapes, focusing on distinguished craftsmanship from different regions throughout Thailand alongside contemporary design. Wisharawish’s collections are a dialogue between the designer and his clothes, and then between the clothes and their viewers. Fashion becomes a narrative, and a platform to share interpretations and understandings.

    Under this idea, he founded the brand WISHARAWISH in the early 2010s and became known not long after its creator won the first prize of Mango Fashion Awards in Barcelona, Spain. WISHARAWISH’s wearable art and technical mastery have been continually exhibited worldwide. From Hyeres’s Festival International de Mode & de Photographie in France to Bangkok Elle Fashion Week in Thailand to Wallpaper* Magazine’s Handmade exhibition. These all helped to put the brand on the fashion map and art scene.

    For SS20, the designer Wisharawish Akarasantisook presented a collection where he explores a new chapter for the brand. He combines essential fabrics and sartorial cuts with wide and loose designs, resulting in a fluid, yet very elegant, silhouette. Dresses for women and blazers for men are the star pieces of the collection and the ones that show better this mix between a relaxed fluid style and a sartorial shape.

    The color palette was made from powder tones of gray, white, black, beige, and soft blue. The collection also included some geometrical and abstract prints.
    written by Aina Matamoros
    Click HERE to view the full Wisharawish Spring Summer 2020 collection.
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