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    Christian Siriano Fall Winter 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    Security guards are generally not positioned outside of Rockefeller Center on an average Saturday in Manhattan, but today, four hours before the presentation of Christian Siriano’s latest collection, they are everywhere. Siriano, who has seen the popularity of his brand skyrocket over the last few years, has developed a dedicated celebrity fan base, with megawatt celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga regularly outfitted in his designs. Siriano is a young designer who has made it from the usual show spaces downtown all the way to the top of Rockefeller Center in just over a decade.

    Siriano’s presentation was possibly the most high-profile thing happening in Manhattan that chilly afternoon, and, judging by the palpable energy vibrating from the backstage area hours before the first look would be revealed, everyone knows it. Siriano’s models are already sitting for hair and makeup, and it remains impressive to see women of all shapes, heights, sizes, and skin tones; the designer’s decision to eschew industry norms and cast models that are more reflective of his clientele make Siriano the (hopeful) future of the industry. Model Abbie Fleener, sat in a comfy oversized Nirvana T-shirt, her bejeweled face radiant as two stylists conversed spiritedly about the difficulty in securing the many thin strands of chain being passed around between hairstylists at that moment; the strands of chain, an apparent last minute detail added last night well after business hours, were hard to gather, but necessary. Chanel Iman sat to the right, her posture impeccable while three hair and makeup people surround her, gluing crystals onto her cheekbones and perfecting her sleek style. As hair and makeup entered final touches, press were quickly whisked away toward the press pit.

    The Presentation
    Panoramic views of the skyline provided an aptly contrasting backdrop for a collection that looks at life in some distant future through the lens of high society; in many ways, Siriano the designer himself exists in the future, a future where women with very dark skin or women who are very plus-size (or, daresay, both very plus-size and very dark skinned) being represented in an industry that is intended to be a reflection of beauty and that which pertains to beauty. Women of color have slowly (too slowly) increased their representation in the industry over the last 20 years, though true plus-sized women have not; Siriano’s dedication to inclusion is authentic and utterly genuine, so including more than a single, token-bearing plus-sized design may feel as though it can only exist in the future, Siriano has been doing it for seasons. The collection appeared to beg the question, “what on earth is a socialite to wear when the earth is no longer habitable?” since looking good will always be recession-proof, perhaps even habitability-proof. Chanel Iman opened the show in a knee-length silver faux-fur jacket, followed by a procession of looks that resembled both our futuristic planet with a cascade of fluid metallics or the celestial bodies, represented through shape, texture, and the deep rich hues we encounter only when the blackness of space is illuminated by some grand cosmic event. The first group of looks in cosmic silver were Siriano’s vision of how high society might dress in his dystopian future, before the collection morphed into the cosmic, with billowy white peplum, sheer, iridescent blouses, and a magnificent final look delivered by Ashley Graham.

    Christian Siriano has had to prove his value in the fashion industry at every turn since he first appeared on (and won) the fourth season of Project Runway just over a decade ago; he is now commanding one of the most high-profile and most highly coveted events during all of NYFW. Here, Siriano suggests that he is the future of fashion in New York, and his work is very persuasive.
    written by Francis Lamar
    Click HERE to view the full Christian Siriano Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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    Designs Influenced by Paul Poiret’s Japanese-Inspired Silhouette at Cushnie Fall Winter 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    Carly Cushnie, famed for creating beautifully crafted designs that flatter the curves of a woman’s body. These looks enticed us with her recent collection inspired by French master couturier, Paul Poiret’s 20th-century Japanese-inspired silhouettes. She also took inspiration from the Japanese art of floral arrangements. Forming angular shapes, and geometric folds inspired by artist Nicola Kloosterman’s Shadowplay collage series. She chose to design this elegant Japanese-inspired collection in decadent navy, burgundy, blue, and purple hues.

    She kept her signature aesthetic of feminine, clean lines, emphasizing on the shape, and form. Hints of boldness were articulated in forms of Japanese-inspired floral print embroidery, artful draping and folds to create pleated shoulder, asymmetrical neckline, and fringed details. The runway looks consisted of exquisitely constructed tops, jackets, trousers, jumpsuits, and skirts in luxurious satin and velvet fabrics.

    This well-tailored collection, with its intricate use of handcrafted techniques, could only be expected of Cushnie.
    written by Tiffany Le
    Click HERE to view the full Cushine Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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    Afffair Spring Summer 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    Showing on the last day of fashion week was one of our favorite brands, Afffair. Quickly rising to the top as a preferred choice for celebrities and on the red carpet, designer Rufat Ismayel, creator of Afffair, brought a glamorous vision for this season and the brand. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Ismayel got his start by modeling for fashion houses as a teenager. He modeled for top brands like Paco Rabanne and Valentine Yudashkin. Then he realized he wanted to make a shift and create his own fashion brand and designs. Moving to Istanbul, he launched Afffair. Ismayel manages everything from design to factory garment production.

    Jeweled details and elegant evening gowns are some of the features that make this collection so luxurious. Most pieces shown this season were dresses except for the occasional jumper, pants, shorts, skirt, and tops. Colors used in the collection were green, gold, and black. Materials noticed included organza, satin, velvet, and chiffon. The collection used opaque materials, and played with the use of skin which added sexy and mysterious vibes. A few of the looks were styled with a headband that complimented the collection.
    written by Style is Viral
    Click HERE to view the full Afffair Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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    Concept Korea Fall Winter 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    The very idea of Concept Korea is a fascinating one: a government-sponsored fashion collective developed to promote a burgeoning crop of talented Korean designers on a global platform. This season, breakthrough brands IISE and LIE each brought exciting, though very different, aesthetics to the world at NYFW.

    LIE opened with a strong offering from designer Chungchung Lee, who delivered a relaxed, dynamic line of feminine daywear to the runway. A visually complex line with layers of contrasting textures, harsh patterns, and experimental textile combinations, Lee’s design aesthetic was unfamiliar, but altogether very desirable. Look-after-look demanded attention and conjured a sense of luxury and wealth: the mid-collection ensemble of wool plaid trousers and a leopard print jacket, both paired with a clashing midi blouse constructed of plaid, matching leopard print, and lace. Lee is an exciting young designer able to actualize his experimental vision and deliver it earnestly on the runway; LIE invokes curiosity and is very promising.

    Helmed by design duo (and brothers) Terrence and Kevin Kim, IISE closed the collective with the intriguing and aptly titled collection, “Protest,” featuring 20 handpicked models of different races, looks, and attitudes. Constructed of materials sourced solely from their home city of Seoul, Protest offered an authentic, surprisingly emotive collection of streetwear designs. Several strong looks in head-to-toe black opened, notably a layered, sleek ensemble of sheer stockings, bicycle shorts, and a nicely tailored vinyl zip-up under a simple, utilitarian jacket. With each look more color was introduced until the complete absence of black was palpable: the intricately patterned and designed pastel blue poncho and trouser set brought a daring authenticity that was all in the details, how it created space and movement down the runway. IISE’s first NYFW offering was spirited and unique, an exploration of a global city’s history and how that narrative might illuminate its future.
    written by Francis Lamar
    Click HERE to view the full IISE Fall Winter 2019 collection.
    Click HERE to view the full LIE Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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    70’s Glam Rock Influences at Hakan Akkaya Fall Winter 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    One of the top shows of the season was from a designer we had not seen before. Istanbul designer Hakan Akkaya’s Fall Winter 2019 Collection proves that 70’s glam rock is back in fashion! The collection had both male and female models walking in the show. The looks and central theme of the collection heavily focused on glamorous punk rock styles influenced by 70’s rock stars icons like David Bowie, Joan Jett, and Billy Idol.

    The rock-glam collection is made to be worn on the big stage as only performers can pull off the blinding shimmers, over sized shoulder pads, sequins decorated with spike and studded details as seen on these pieces. Edgy looks comprised of sparkling bell-bottom pants, pantsuits, bodysuits, dresses, skirts, jackets, fur, and puff coats were some of the pieces we saw. The color palette used consisted of silver, gold, pink and black metallic shades, solid black was used as a staple throughout the collection. Prints like leopard, zebra, pinstripes, checkerboard, and glitter were used. A few of the pieces were embellished with a lightning bolt which added to the 70’s theme.

    These modernized retro-glam outfits which screamed fun vibes would be perfect on celebrities like Lady Gaga or Jennifer Lopez at their concert performances!
    written by Tiffany Le
    Click HERE to view the full Hakan Akkaya Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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