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    Bobby Abley Autumn Winter 2019 at London Fashion Week Mens
    Bobby Abley’s colourful and zany AW19 collection, which was presented in the Truman Brewery BFC showspace in the heart of artsy Brick Lane, centred around Pokémon, the designer’s childhood memories and his hometown of Scarborough where he designed and worked on the collection.

    The colour palette drew direct inspiration from the cartoon characters with Charmander fiery reds and oranges, mellow Mewtwo-inspired lilacs, Squirtle aquatic blues and Pikachu yellows. High-vis neons and sporty accents of brown, army greens and blacks were also seen. The attention-grabbing collection showcased the classic sportswear technical fabrics, chunky knit sweaters and athleisure silhouettes but with a twist. Sweatshirt and jogger combinations sported all over pokéball prints. A colour block hooded poncho even sported the pokéball motif.

    Vibrant bomber jackets with contrast panelling were covered with busy Pikachu and Charmander all over prints with bottoms to match. A simplified Pikachu motif also made its way onto denim jacket and trouser co-ords. A longline bomber jacket and pyjama set was also splashed with blue Squirtle prints. Particularly striking was a black neoprene sweatshirt and trouser combo sporting a playful Pikachu and large-scale lightening bolt print. Charmander flame inspired contrast panelling was seen on sporty urban jackets, dungarees and matching trousers, and there were boiler suits in fiery brights. It was a true Pokémon party.

    While the Pokémon pieces stole the show, other standout pieces included a large-scale tartan check hoodie with a scarf-like tasseled hem, punk checkerboard print dungarees and an oversized fluoro blazer. The outerwear was particularly dazzling with high shine leather pieces and a zany parka, half Pepto-Bismol pink, half checkerboard printed with the words “whatever” and “forever” plastered along the sleeves. Pink was also a very prominent colour on the runway with a pink trucker jacket and trousers, a pink Pokémon sports tee and shorts, pink hoodies, pink and red checkerboard printed trousers and my ultimate favourite, a cardigan spray painted neon pink.

    The accessories included cowboy hats and bandanas offset with wintery fluoro scarves, balaclavas and baby blankies all hand knitted by the designer’s mum and relatives adding a handmade traditional touch. Neon headbands were also seen as well as chunky boots paired with neon socks. There was even a pokéball shaped bag because why not? In a collection inspired by virtual animals, anything goes! The hair and makeup was as eclectic as the models and the word “ok” was painted across the male models’ faces in bright colours. The few female models seen either sported heavy black or shimmery neon eyeshadow and metallic glittery lips.

    For the finale, a gigantic Pikachu wandered across the catwalk ending the quirky spectacle with a bang. For Bobby Abley, the designer who loves to experiment with childhood nostalgia, you can tell this is yet again another collection made for the guy that’s sporty, cool, fun loving and doesn’t take himself too seriously.
    written by Jane Ighodaro
    Click HERE to view the full Bobby Abley Autumn Winter 2019 collection.
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    Bobby AbleBobby AbleBobby Able
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    Black Happiness at Xuan Spring Summer 2019 during Haute Couture Fashion Week
    XUAN was the designer that closed this Couture Fashion Week. She choose to present in an intimate moment her collection as an exhibition near to the “Arc de Triomphe”. This Vietnamian women, we can appreciate for her smile and her kindness, created her collection with a dreamy and poetic scenography. We had the time to appreciate the details of the designs exposed, walking in a blur illuminated of bright colors that gave the impression to be in a awaken dream.

    A surprising collection due to the entirely black colored collection. A reference of Christobal BALENCIAGA or Pier Paolo PICCIOLI? Maybe. The designer explained us her vision of the meaning of the black symbolic in her work: for her, it is not synonym of negative but positive. Indeed, she uses the black as a visual artist: the black is the equal of all added colors. Colors of life, of joy, of emotions which are immersed by the cloth and by the body.

    A collection mixing abstract of compositions with clear shapes. XUAN make dressed and tops asymmetric by the shapes and the textures with geometry. She is using curves of drape or waterfall of ruffles. A joy expressed if this liberty to wear the shape we want, unknown from any constraint by keeping the harmony in the proportions and the details handcraft inherited by Couture, like the wish to make a used effect on the ruffles of an asymmetric cotton dress. The “used” is used as ornament Couture. An interesting thinking about this designer that shared with us her vision of fashion and of the “black” who is a very sensitive subject in different cultures and also in the Fashion Industry.
    written by Youness Boumia
    Click HERE to view the full Xuan Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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    Black HappBlack HappBlack HappBlack Happ
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    Annakiki Autumn Winter 2019 during Milan Fashion Week
    On February 20, 4:00 pm, ANNAKIKI presented her new collection A / W 2019. The place for this presentation was a very minimalist and clean look which of course kept the attention on the new collection. For this presentation, it was very well organized with a very strong vibe. This year ANNAKIKI chose different patterns like an animal and plaid pattern. These patterns such as zebra, tiger, leopard, and snake prints can be found quite frequently in coats and other apparel such as pants, skirts, and a body that
    was really appreciated by guests.

    As fitting, they opted for a slim-fit in a good combination with oversize-fit which offered a strong view for the collection. Over sized shoulders have become a must-have when it comes to coats, and jackets so you can find here so many items that you will love it. Of course, neon colors were part of the show, and this detail provided the collection a really young and fresh look.

    “You are beautiful” and “embrace imperfection” are the sources of inspiration for ANNAKIKI. Sensuality and femininity are very well highlighted, especially in the last part of the collection with two very fine looks made with floral details. Thirty-nine looks, of which five were for men, but from my point of view can be used even by women who were framed perfectly in the theme chosen by our designer. However, the fur is a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe so ANNAKIKI shows us this detail in her collection, which of course manages to bring a sophisticated look for those outfits. A collection with a very strong theme, which of course has managed to attract the attention of spectators from many points of view: vivid colors, carefully chosen materials, and of course a very kinky mix & match.
    written by Bianca Nita
    Click HERE to view the full Annakiki Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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    Annakiki AAnnakiki AAnnakiki AAnnakiki A
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    Danshan Autumn Winter 2019
    Danshan presented a refreshingly progressive take on menswear for their AW19 collection with water and gender fluidity being key prevalent themes. Set in the Sarabande Foundation venue, the enigmatic presentation featured models walking along a pool of shallow water slowly and gracefully dipping their shoes in and out to ethereal sounding music.
    The color palette included classic blacks, blue toned grays, charcoals, browns and khakis, softened with pale dusty pinks. The overall aesthetic was that of a tender yet strong man. Pieces included fluid shirt shapes in luxe satin fabrics, drawstrings and reaching on the back of shirts and zip detailing. Silky shirts sported an androgynous flair with ladylike puff sleeves and tied sleeve cuffs. Soft fabrics highlighted an incorporation of sophistication, grace and a push against masculine stereotypes of hardness.
    The collection also saw the merging of smart wear silhouettes with street wear detailing. There were long line bomber jacket trench coat hybrids, a hooded silk shirt with drawstrings along the neckline and a mix of cargo trousers and smarter tailored trousers in brushed corduroy. Other notable details included hi-shine PVC pieces and quilting on jackets resembling ripples of water. Another distinctive feature was that garments often had the addition of a train of long cascading fabric, an element that gave the collection a unique ethereal feel.
    The models appeared solemn and sported waves of wet-look hair with dewy skin and darkened eye shadow under the eyes. Accessories included the occasional statement earring, smart leather shoes and silky scarfs tied at the waist.
    Overall, Danshan’s AW19 collection was a clever exploration of modern masculinity and it tastefully highlighted the importance of breaking through societal norms and embracing tenderness and sensitivity as a man.
    written by Jane Ighodaro
    Click HERE to view the full Danshan Autumn Winter 2019 collection.
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    Danshan AuDanshan AuDanshan Au
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    Chanel Joan Elkayam Autumn Winter 2019 at London Fashion Week
    Chanel Joan Elkayam’s AW19 collection epitomized female empowerment, a lady’s strength, allure and diverse beauty. The designer drew inspiration from “an independent woman…a feminine, seductive leader who is at the same time opulent and chic.”

    The collection presented in the elegant Cecil Sharp House had a dazzling start. The models walked gracefully along the catwalk to the beautiful sound of piano playing and live music from Benedict Cork. The heavenly Munroe Bergdorf, transgender model and activist, opened the show wearing a diamanté statement tee with the poignant words “I don’t follow, I lead.” The tee was teamed with glitzy wide leg sequin trousers. Show stopping. The powerful t-shirt was next worn by Kate Grant, a model with Down’s syndrome, further reinforcing the message that the true beauty lies within diversity. The diverse choice of models throughout the show also reflected the importance of inclusion.

    The colour palette was unrestricted. Colours ranged from strong blacks, pops of blue and reds to light greys, ethereal whites, baby pinks and accents of metallic silvers and golds. Lingerie-like pieces were key including a notable white lace corset top paired with grey trousers, a black lace bodysuit paired with sheer organza drawstring trousers and a cropped corset top with lace up detailing. One word: sultry.

    Blazers meant business with structured oversized blazer dresses and silky blazer trouser combinations. A particularly striking piece was a cropped houndstooth suit with oversized angled details along the shoulders and sleeve heads and an asymmetric panelled skirt to match exposing sultry knee-high lace stockings. Truly classy, sassy and bold.

    Shimmer and shine also dominated the catwalk with sequin slit trousers shimmering across the catwalk. A glitzy purple and black cropped jacket with a long flowy train also stole the show. Ornate fabrics like jacquards and velvets were also prominent. Embellished necklines on jumpsuits and tops also added a luxe feel.

    Transparency was key and elegant dresses were made out of glistening glitter mesh and oversized tulle exposing undergarments and corset panelling. A particularly memorable moment was when one of the glamorous models and her adorable 4-year-old counterpart glided along the catwalk in dreamy matching white hand embellished tulle dresses. Truly ethereal.

    At times, retro silhouettes were on show including a white cropped halter neck top and skirt as well as a large houndstooth wool cropped top and matching skirt. The accessories included hats resembling retro flight attendant caps, oversized fedoras, mesh lace gloves, seductive fishnet tights and socks, and the occasional statement hoop earrings. Leather briefcases were also seen.

    The hairstyles on show were eclectic with a general subtle nostalgic feel with slicked back buns, waves or cropped hair. Models sported a pop of colour along the eyes and dewy skin. Overall, the collection was incredibly elegant, eclectic and subtly political. Throw in some ethereal glitz and glamour and you have a collection perfect for a powerful woman who confidently says “I don’t follow, I lead.”
    written by Jane Ighodaro
    Click HERE to view the full Chanel Joan Elkayam Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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