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    Clare V. by Clare Vivier
    Once a blogger and journalist, over 10 years ago Clare Vivier chose to branch out and start her own fashion line titled Clare V. The line focuses on leather handbags and accessories but over time has also expanded into apparel, eyewear, travel goods, fragrances and home decor. Although their headquarters are based in Los Angeles, California, a hallmark for the brand is incorporating chic parisian elements and details. This is inspired by her French husband and family. She continues to travel from the United States and France to gain inspiration for her brand and upcoming collections. In 2014 she was accepted as a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, a prestigious title that all American based designers work endlessly hard to achieve. Charities and giving back to the community plays a large role for the Clare V. brand. They have been apart of charities like Every Mother Counts, Planned Parenthood, Everytown for Gun Safety and Toms.

    Clare V. currently has 8 permanent boutiques opened across the United States. They are also following a popular trend of opening pop-up shops. This allows residents of different areas to experience what the Clare V. brand is about and get to experience their products first hand. They are stocked at a variety of stores online and around the world including Nordstrom, Anthropology, Revolve and Shopbop.
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    Click HERE to visit Clare V.
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    Just In XX Spring Summer 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    Justin Yu-Ying Chou is the designer of his own brand Just In XX. He studied at Domus Academy School of Design in Italy and the University of Wales where he earned a Masters in Fashion Design. In just a few years, he had earned several fashion awards honoring him and his designs. His collections are very urban. They have a lot of street style to them. Justin Yu-Ying Chou often chooses to focus on Chinese and Western cultures.

    For this season he has titled his collection F@$HITION. This latest collection blends modern fashion designs with art, and this is done in a very stylish and trendy way. Having both men and women walk in the show, he encompasses one of the newest trends for collections. This collection has several genderless aspects. Button down tops, jeans, blazers, sweatsuits, all have somewhat of a masculine cut to them. Details were evident in each piece. Some of the items had the title of the show written on them, F@$HITION, while other pieces had the brand name written on the outside. A look I loved on the runway was jeans over jeans: the model had on a lighter pair of jeans with cutouts around the knee and on top were another pair of darker jeans with a much larger cutout going from the waist to just past the knees.
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    Click HERE to view the full Just In XX Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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    All Comes From Nothing Fall Winter 2018 during New York Fashion Week
    Eva Xu attended the Art Institute of Chicago where she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree. Later she worked for Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. She then branched out and in 2014 began her own fashion label titled All Comes From Nothing. For this season designer Eva Xu and her fashion label All Comes From Nothing debuted their latest collection at the preferred fashion week venue of choice Spring Studios. We had high expectations and Xu definitely fulfilled what we wanted to see.

    Eva Xu was inspired by the work of Gustave Klimt, particularly the piece The Woman in Gold. Xu chose a complementary title for her collection this season, Love is the Only Gold, in tribute to the late Gustave Klimt who died in 1918. Using a color palette with burgundy red and burnt orange, Xu also added natural colors of white, creams, khakis, and black. She presented short and long dresses, skirts, pants, capris, blazers as well as outerwear such as trench coats and puffer jackets. All were done in a very classy and chic way. While the collection had a minimal look it was still very refined and polished thanks to the added details and the high quality fabrics used.
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    Click HERE to view the full All Comes From Nothing Fall Winter 2018 collection.
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    Moon Choi Fall Winter 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    Moon Choi decided to have her self-named brand headquartered in New York, a very popular choice for many fashion labels. She graduated with a BFA from Parsons School of Design, one of the top fashion schools in New York City. Being a more recent graduate, designer Choi has only had her label for 3 years. After college she gained experience working at 3.1 Phillip Lim.

    For her Fall Winter 2019 collection she has decided to give a fashion presentation instead of a runway show. This season she gave us the impression of minimalism with using natural color tones and without using jewles or embelishments on the pieces. She presented looks for both men and women as many of the pieces in the collection are unisex. Choi put a lot of time, attention and detail into each of her pieces. Each look is well thought out and flows together nicely. The designer is known for impeccable tailoring, so she of course showed this talent off in the collection. Shoulder pads were added to several of the pieces to make stronger silhouettes. The collection had elements of masculinity and femininity that flowed together. These features added plain details to the looks and contributed to the minimal theme while still making the collection feel high end and designer.
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    Click HERE to view the full Moon Choi Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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