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    Chanel Joan Elkayam Autumn Winter 2019 at London Fashion Week
    Chanel Joan Elkayam’s AW19 collection epitomized female empowerment, a lady’s strength, allure and diverse beauty. The designer drew inspiration from “an independent woman…a feminine, seductive leader who is at the same time opulent and chic.”

    The collection presented in the elegant Cecil Sharp House had a dazzling start. The models walked gracefully along the catwalk to the beautiful sound of piano playing and live music from Benedict Cork. The heavenly Munroe Bergdorf, transgender model and activist, opened the show wearing a diamanté statement tee with the poignant words “I don’t follow, I lead.” The tee was teamed with glitzy wide leg sequin trousers. Show stopping. The powerful t-shirt was next worn by Kate Grant, a model with Down’s syndrome, further reinforcing the message that the true beauty lies within diversity. The diverse choice of models throughout the show also reflected the importance of inclusion.

    The colour palette was unrestricted. Colours ranged from strong blacks, pops of blue and reds to light greys, ethereal whites, baby pinks and accents of metallic silvers and golds. Lingerie-like pieces were key including a notable white lace corset top paired with grey trousers, a black lace bodysuit paired with sheer organza drawstring trousers and a cropped corset top with lace up detailing. One word: sultry.

    Blazers meant business with structured oversized blazer dresses and silky blazer trouser combinations. A particularly striking piece was a cropped houndstooth suit with oversized angled details along the shoulders and sleeve heads and an asymmetric panelled skirt to match exposing sultry knee-high lace stockings. Truly classy, sassy and bold.

    Shimmer and shine also dominated the catwalk with sequin slit trousers shimmering across the catwalk. A glitzy purple and black cropped jacket with a long flowy train also stole the show. Ornate fabrics like jacquards and velvets were also prominent. Embellished necklines on jumpsuits and tops also added a luxe feel.

    Transparency was key and elegant dresses were made out of glistening glitter mesh and oversized tulle exposing undergarments and corset panelling. A particularly memorable moment was when one of the glamorous models and her adorable 4-year-old counterpart glided along the catwalk in dreamy matching white hand embellished tulle dresses. Truly ethereal.

    At times, retro silhouettes were on show including a white cropped halter neck top and skirt as well as a large houndstooth wool cropped top and matching skirt. The accessories included hats resembling retro flight attendant caps, oversized fedoras, mesh lace gloves, seductive fishnet tights and socks, and the occasional statement hoop earrings. Leather briefcases were also seen.

    The hairstyles on show were eclectic with a general subtle nostalgic feel with slicked back buns, waves or cropped hair. Models sported a pop of colour along the eyes and dewy skin. Overall, the collection was incredibly elegant, eclectic and subtly political. Throw in some ethereal glitz and glamour and you have a collection perfect for a powerful woman who confidently says “I don’t follow, I lead.”
    written by Jane Ighodaro
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    MUNROE BERGDORFRayLeeS85A0707RayLeeS85A1067RayLeeS85A1260

    Chanel JoaChanel JoaChanel JoaChanel Joa
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    Mario Dice Spring Summer 2019 at Milan Fashion Week
    Fainting lights. Upbeat tunes and tambourine tinkles. Clad in a crystal-fringed tribal motif printed on a jumpsuit, she pulls through an air of mystery. Her tousled, loose waves fly away from the chiseled frame of her face and her skin that has gently been kissed by the tropical sun suggests her free-spirited aura as she collects souvenirs from lands far away.

    The couture approach defines the Mario Dice collection for Spring /Summer 2019. His muse is a Betty Catroux of today- the seventies IT-girl with an exceptional style known for her androgynous physique and spidery- long legs. Hats, thickly veiled or not, were a major accessory alongside structured head-size earrings dangling down. The dark pigment enveloping her eyes, wraps her in a wave of mystery as she reinvents her world with treasured sounds, flavors and aromas. It is a tale of an adventurous venture to the continent of South America.

    Denim graphic patchwork of different canvases of jeans recreates the face of Betty Catroux on a plunging V- neck lined maxi dress. Deep pocket trimmings cater to the ongoing utility trend. The face of the fashion icon also appears on a T-shirt dress made by assembling several silk ribbons, printed with a wax technique.

    Floor length breezy dresses and Aztec printed- jackets, bright-hued bottoms in purple and green mixes the exclusive craftsmanship of the brand with everlasting creativity. Followed by statement- making separates in candy pink, a ruffled blouse paired with vanilla wide flared trousers. Eyelet openings in jackets, cowboy boots in PVC and leather render a western influence with a contemporary twist. Milky white dresses were seen in plenty, an A-line silhouette with flower appliques, a hooded- plum dress, and a drawstring- neckline with precise focus on details.

    The highlight of the catwalk has to be the flamingo pink collared- cape trimmed with ruffles, laced with an almost bare front, paired with red knee-length boots. Styled with a platinum sharp bob, we have nothing but one word for it – Otherworldly. Mario Dice brings the tropical sands of the South American continent to the Metropolitan city of Milan, and we are without a doubt blown away.
    written by Daleeda Soomar

    Click HERE to view the full Mario Dice Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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    Mario DiceMario DiceMario DiceMario Dice
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    Chocheng Fall Winter 2019 at New York Fashion Week
    Entering Spring Studios for the Chocheng autumn winter presentation, the energy, buzz and vibrancy are rich, almost palpable. The brand has amassed a discerning clientele since it’s launch in 2007 and the opening of its first storefront on Madison Ave in 2010, include J. Alexander, Christie Ferrari, Joy Corrigan and Genevieve Padalecki, who can all be seen sitting front row. Designer Cho Cho Cheng distinguishes himself from other designers by exclusively using materials that are 100% natural and cruelty free; all garments are hand sewn using the Savile Row technique of tailoring, such that even the most painstaking of details (inseam buttonholes, embroidered buttons, and petal embellishments) are sewn by hand. This attention to detail is unwaveringly apparent in this phenomenal new presentation, which transfixed the audience with its ability to transport the spectator to a different time while still remaining modern.
    Inspired by the 1959 Hitchcock film, North by Northwest, Cheng’s new collection featured strong tailoring, elegance, precision, and suspense. The menswear-inspired looks retain a feminine sophistication, with elegant, sometimes curved silhouettes, with a bold color palette including various hues of pink, blue, and purple, to name a few, which popped against a base of mostly black and white. Suits, coats, and dresses were tightly tailored in cotton boucle, wool tweed, and crisp linen, each look accentuated with capes, high collars, and hand pleated florals. Most intriguing was the hand-ruched silk tulle, meant to imitate the look of fur.
    With this superb collection, Cho offered a new, feminine take on menswear, with sleek pencil skirts and pleated midi skirts in lieu of trousers: the maroon, military-style cropped jacket in soft boucle accentuated with a powder pink collar and cuffs crafted out of hand-pleated ruffles; the asymmetrical, grey houndstooth cape with an oversized pussybow; the light lavender boucle peacoat with an abstract lapel, cropped sleeves, and a bold purple pussybow in an opulent silk tied high on the neck.
    Cho Cho Cheng is a designer with a vision, an impressive vision that has materialized to near perfection with Chocheng. With the caliber of work on display with his autumn winter 2019 collection, Chocheng is the brand to watch.
    written by Francis Lamar

    Click HERE to view the full Chocheng Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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    Chocheng FChocheng FChocheng FChocheng F
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    Timeless Ceremony, Uma Wang Spring Summer 2019 at Paris Fashion Week
    With an ambiance mixing the fragrance of incense and daylight sifted by the stained glass windows, Uma WANG presented his last collection in the walls of the Saint-Merry Church in the Parisian district of the Marais, known for being a place of the latest trends in Fashion.

    Calm reigns during the show with sweet ceremonial music, reminiscent of the Zen ambiance. The first silhouettes appear in a falsely unfinished pattern aesthetic, with simple fabrics, but very well constructed. This brings almost a sense of humility that is very discreet in the world of fashion, whose strong trend of the moment is devoted to flamboyant maximalism and streetwear. Off white color, set of crumpled linen and structured asymmetries, plus a touch of detail creates a look that can be described as semi-couture. We see a raw and minimal aesthetic that is very interesting in the sense that one appreciates the garment at its fair value and the details of sewing, without logo of apparent mark. Uma WANG leaves an architectural signature playing with overlays, as on an ecru set with carefully chosen buttons.

    If the beginning of the collection may look shy at first sight, Uma WANG surprises with the following silhouettes. Indeed, we notice a pleasant feeling of ascent in terms of color, patterns and materials that take more value. The “black” silhouettes show contrasts of light / dark, as on a long crossover coat adorned with a layer of crumpled fabric that adorns the back, like an unfinished cloak, before letting life appear with large flowers on noble dresses, which fly away thanks to the movement.

    The shoulders are easily stripped with a mustard dress embellished with flower motifs, or in a more geometric version with a contrast of fuchsia and white. The ornaments are also part of the XXL collar with colored ends that contrast with the gauze or tulle that sensually reveals the neck, as if to give an impression of chastity to this humble fashion woman who is peppered with grace and elegance to the Church.
    written by Youness Boumia

    Click HERE to view the full Uma Wang Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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    Uma Wang RTW Spring 2019Uma Wang RTW Spring 2019Uma Wang RTW Spring 2019

    Timeless CTimeless CTimeless C