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    Agne Kuzmickaite Spring/Summer 2019

    In a fascinating display of femininity and self-actualization, Lithuanian designer Agne Kuzmickaite presented her new collection, ‘Self Realization,’ at this year’s London Fashion Week. Though arguably the most popular designer in Lithuania, this was her first time presenting during London’s Fashion Week throughout her career.

    Kuzmickaite is often inspired by everyday objects, that which we see so frequently we become desensitized to it, and of feminine roles within society-which potentially become these desensitized objects themselves-and integrates them artistically into each look. This technique lent itself to giving each look in the collection a distinctive edge. The symbolism of everyday objects and her signature butterfly motif shone throughout the collection, her focus on femininity and pop cultural events in an ever-changing society means that Kuzmickaite’s style and aesthetic can morph and change every season.

    Kuzmickaite’s use of the butterfly motif changed in both shape and color from 2 seasons ago, where the butterflies were bright and multicolored and sometimes three-dimensional, like applique. In her new collection, however, many looks were in monochromatic white, with identical, small, simple, all-over butterfly patterning; t-shirts, skirts, knee-high boots, trenches, bucket hats, and one fabulous black dress with myriad cutouts and three-dimensional butterflies that really made it pop.

    Combined with an arrangement of neon, bold letters, and strong lines against a backdrop of multiple butterflies, the designer, inspired by human self-realization contributing to personal fulfillment, had reimagined older designs from her previous collections. In an adaptation from her SS17 collection, Kuzmickaite once again showcased a floor length skirt, made up entirely of layers of mesh. The designer reimagined the piece creating a twist on her previous floor length garment, swapping out the multicolor pastel arrangement for a softer mix of pinks and peaches, adding further detail to the skirt with a cut front allowing for the wearer’s legs to be revealed.

    Aside from the many interesting and dynamic looks with the butterfly motif, Kuzmickaite also used neon yellow, pinks, and a splash of blue, giving the presentation a distinct 90’s vibe; many of the neon, thigh-high boots donned thick black lettering that read “SELF REALIZATION.” Many of the looks were polished with a simplistic, white clip belt, a style that grounded the collection, making it surprisingly wearable.

    Written by Lorna Tyler

    Click HERE to view the full Agne Kuzmickaite Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

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    Timeless Ceremony, Uma Wang Spring Summer 2019 at Paris Fashion Week
    With an ambiance mixing the fragrance of incense and daylight sifted by the stained glass windows, Uma WANG presented his last collection in the walls of the Saint-Merry Church in the Parisian district of the Marais, known for being a place of the latest trends in Fashion.

    Calm reigns during the show with sweet ceremonial music, reminiscent of the Zen ambiance. The first silhouettes appear in a falsely unfinished pattern aesthetic, with simple fabrics, but very well constructed. This brings almost a sense of humility that is very discreet in the world of fashion, whose strong trend of the moment is devoted to flamboyant maximalism and streetwear. Off white color, set of crumpled linen and structured asymmetries, plus a touch of detail creates a look that can be described as semi-couture. We see a raw and minimal aesthetic that is very interesting in the sense that one appreciates the garment at its fair value and the details of sewing, without logo of apparent mark. Uma WANG leaves an architectural signature playing with overlays, as on an ecru set with carefully chosen buttons.

    If the beginning of the collection may look shy at first sight, Uma WANG surprises with the following silhouettes. Indeed, we notice a pleasant feeling of ascent in terms of color, patterns and materials that take more value. The “black” silhouettes show contrasts of light / dark, as on a long crossover coat adorned with a layer of crumpled fabric that adorns the back, like an unfinished cloak, before letting life appear with large flowers on noble dresses, which fly away thanks to the movement.

    The shoulders are easily stripped with a mustard dress embellished with flower motifs, or in a more geometric version with a contrast of fuchsia and white. The ornaments are also part of the XXL collar with colored ends that contrast with the gauze or tulle that sensually reveals the neck, as if to give an impression of chastity to this humble fashion woman who is peppered with grace and elegance to the Church.
    written by Youness Boumia

    Click HERE to view the full Uma Wang Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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    Uma Wang RTW Spring 2019Uma Wang RTW Spring 2019Uma Wang RTW Spring 2019

    Timeless CTimeless CTimeless C
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    Jasmine Spring Summer 2019 at New York Fashion Week
    Elegant, dainty and ethereal best describe the Jasmine Spring/Summer ‘19 collection debuted at Industria during NYFW. The collection captured the softness of femininity and brought the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to the runway through unique butterfly and floral embellishments, intricate details, soft fabrics and flowy silhouettes.

    The audience of extremely eccentric mavens responded favorably to the lady-like fashions, as models gracefully cascaded down the runway. The collection consisted of feminine ready-to-wear sets and multi-length dresses in delicate fabrics such as organza and lace in soft pastel colors. Design details consisted of unique feather placement an intricate floral embroidery. Each look was accessorized with statement earrings and shoes encrusted with flower designs.

    In addition to the core collection, there was a show stopping finale. Models walked in angelic-like dresses in various shades of blue chiffon accented with large butterfly attachments. These finale dresses flowed so beautifully as models walked around a centerpiece of Lily’s set in the middle of the runway to close out the show.
    written by Aja Moore

    Click HERE to view the full Jasmine Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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    Jasmine SpJasmine SpJasmine Sp
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    Nolcha Shows 2: Aranyani and KavenLiu Dimor Spring Summer 2019 at New York Fashion Week
    The second phase of the Nolcha Shows Spring/Summer ‘19 collective took place Friday evening at West Edge on the high line featuring the fine leather brand Aranyani and read-to-wear designer KavenLiu Dimor.

    Titled “Finding Your Roots”, Aranyan put on a mixed media presentation for their Spring/Summer ‘19 handbag collection. A video collective of cultural dancing from different countries played as models walked the runway. With each video transition, a new ethnic sound was introduced.

    The collection consisted of messenger bags, structured briefcases and a range of crossbody silhouettes all handcrafted in smooth leather. The design techniques and applications incorporated tribal/cultural influences which mirrored the visuals playing on the screen. Bag details included tribal printed overlay on bags and straps, abstract brush strokes, intricate crystal placement and color-blocking.

    The “Finding Your Roots” collection was natural, unique and culturally inclusive. The color palette was soft, incorporating earth tone hues. Blast from the past, KavenLiu Dimor added a futuristic flare to 1960’s workwear in her Spring/Summer ‘19 collection. Models
    looked like they walked off the set of “Mad Men” and straight onto the runway. The color palette was light using various shades of pastel colors and soft flesh tones in solids and plaid.

    Each piece was constructed in lightweight fabrics such as mesh and eyelet that flowed as models walked the runway. Every look was feminine, structured yet soft. Her use of deconstructed oxford shirts and tuxedo details on soft fabrics modernized workwear. A common theme across the collection were suits and sets; each accessorized with a pvc turban and quirky handbag.
    written by Aja Moore

    Click HERE to view the full Nolcha Shows Studio Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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    Nolcha Shows, Amnesia and Vitruvius Spring Summer 2019 at New York Fashion Week
    Nolcha Shows kicked off their Spring/Summer ’19 independent designer collective at West Edge in the Meatpacking District. Although the weather outside was dreary and gray, the presentations of designers Vitruvius, Hathairat & Amnesia brought fun, vibrancy and “Spring-Like” feels to the runway.

    The 5pm show began with designer Vitruvius showcasing evening wear with edge. Models walked the runway in gowns made up of luxe fabrics combined with novel materials such as PVC and metallic foil. Each look made a statement, with intricate design techniques, a play on proportion juxtaposition, origami & unique silhouettes. I loved the futuristic appeal this collection served and appreciated the rock influences which brought a new meaning to evening wear.

    Known for feminine ready-to-wear apparel, the Hathairat Spring/Summer ’19 collection exceeded expectations. The tone was East Coast country club due to the preppy style and fluidity of the garments. Each look was feminine and dainty, with scalloped hems, ruffles and bows. Silhouettes consisted of cropped blazers, dresses with empire waist details, wrapped dresses with lobster motifs and silk pants. The cohesiveness of this collection was impeccable with each look having the ability to easily transition a Hamptons to St. Tropez lifestyle.

    Logos and branding were at the forefront of the Amnesia Spring/Summer ‘19 collection. The color palette started off dark with pops of red and through the progression got lighter with the introduction of pink hues. The mix of patterns such as polka dots and stripes on sheer fabrics combined with leather brought edge to the apparel. The silhouettes were risqué and not for the faint of heart. Although edgy, the use of printed fabric and trim with Amnesia branding made the collection commercial.
    written by Aja Moore

    Click HERE to view the full Nolcha Shows Studio Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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