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    “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s
    who is going to stop me.” Ayn Rand
    A celebration of women and their delicate yet
    determined personalities.
    For the Spring/Summer 2019 season, Genny creative
    director Sara Cavazza explores the feminine world
    with an elegant and sophisticated collection touching
    different notes.
    Romanticism is at the core of the lineup. French
    touches, – reminiscences of the sunny, frisky days in the
    Saint Tropez of the Seventies, – are mixed with Eastern
    accents and a futuristic vibe.
    Exquisite waves pop up on the designs injecting a
    charming sense of movement. They appear on red and
    blue midi denim dresses, cut in sensual fitted silhouettes
    and embellished with contrasting stitching, as well as
    on a jumpsuit featuring the denim bodice matched
    with bottoms crafted from a silk fabric printed with an
    Oriental motif. The icon romantic embellishments also
    enrich the printed organza used for shirts and frocks
    cut in generous volumes.
    Seventies’ silhouettes define the maxi dresses showing
    plunging necks and metallic knitted bodices, while a
    f luid jumpsuits is splashed with a kimono-inspired
    A futuristic touch is introduced with PVC, which is not
    only mixed with organza for the eye-catching obi belts,
    but is also combined with f luid jersey for chic maxi
    frocks punctuated by sparkling crystals.
    In keeping with the collection’s signature edgy material
    experimentation, hyper feminine organza ankle boots
    reveal PVC inserts and a sleek metallic heel, while
    silk is combined with metallic knit on the geometric
    “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s
    who is going to stop me.” Ayn Rand
    Un omaggio alle donne e alle loro personalità, delicate
    e determinate.
    Per la stagione Primavera/Estate 2019, Sara Cavazza,
    direttrice creativa di Genny, esplora il mondo femminile
    attraverso una collezione elegante e sofisticata,
    modulata su tonalità differenti.
    Il romanticismo è il fulcro della collezione. Tocchi
    dal gusto francese – reminiscenze di estati assolate e
    spensierate nella Costa Azzurra degli anni Settanta,
    – sono mixati ad accenti orientaleggianti e a un vibe
    Raffinati motivi a onda punteggiano i modelli
    introducendo un accattivante senso di movimento.
    Appaiono sui midi dress attillati in denim rosso e blu
    con impunture a contrasto e su una jumpsuit con il
    corpino in jeans abbinato a pantaloni in seta stampata
    con pattern orientale. Gli iconici dettagli dal mood
    romantico decorano anche l’organza stampata di
    camicie e abiti dalle silhouette generose.
    Forme dal mood Seventies definiscono i maxi dress
    caratterizzati da scolli profondi e corpini in maglia
    metallica, mentre le f luide jumpsuit sono accese da
    pattern di inspirazione kimono.
    Un tocco futuristico è introdotto attraverso il PVC, che
    non solo si combina all’organza nelle obi belt, ma che
    si unisce al jersey f luido nei maxi abiti impreziositi da
    In linea con il carattere sperimentale della collezione
    che gioca con ardite combinazioni di materiali, ankle
    boot ultra femminili in organza rivelano inserti in PVC
    e tacchi metallici, mentre seta e maglia metallica si
    uniscono nelle clutch dalle forme squadrate.
    Showroom: via San Prospero, 1 -20121 Milano +39 02 37923300 – showroom@genny.com
    Italian press office: +39 02 316659 – genny@guitar.it
    U.S. press office : New York & Los Angeles – info@doraziopr.com

    STYLING: Cathy Kasterine
    CASTING DIRECTOR: Kannon Rajah
    HAIR STYLIST: Key Artists Hair Henry Olivier @ MKS Milano using Arpege Opera e Swiss Hair
    MAKE-UP: Lloyd Simmonds
    MANICURE: sponsored by

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    New Vision of Streetwear at DAWEI Fall Winter 2019 during Paris Fashion Week
    The DAWEI Studio brand was holding a presentation at the Palais de Tokyo venue. We scheduled an appointment so we could preview the collection. This brand, created by the Chinese designer Dawei Sun, who after studying Fine Arts in China, continued his studies in France at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. After graduation, he worked for several big fashion houses like CACHAREL, BALENCIAGA and JOHN GALLIANO. Sun had already created a fashion label called BELLE NINON, in pair with Ling LIU. Although he chose to practice solo for his brand EPONYME, with more freedom, with a more masculine DNA, and strong streetwear. For this season of DAWEI Studio, Sun offers us a collection with a wardrobe based on the winter Womenswear’s archetypes. These have been reworked using a creative process, in a very graphic way, and with particular care in the choice of fabrics.

    The first look is a unique trend from DAWEI. The trompe l’oeil coat merges a fitted dress and a tonal coat while they form one. The following looks, found in a more sportswear version were playing on the solid areas of material to highlight the design details such as pockets, or inclined backs. One could camouflage himself in the oversize puffer jackets made with a crossed front closure. This is where we see designer SUN had fun in his creative process by giving not only style but also an attitude for the DAWEI woman this season. She is not afraid to have clothes that are too wide and dares the overlay games by choice of texture and colors. Thus a boyfriend shape striped shirt becomes an oversize dress, and a pleated nude colored skirt harmonizes with the accent of a silver sequined jacket. DAWEI has not neglected the more classic silhouettes. He revisits these in a large flat Prince of Wales pattern or Vichy pattern on trapeze skirts, split to give more amplitude. He contrasts these looks with knit sweaters. On the side of a few of the sweaters are a knitted pattern of a dinosaur head and raptor claw.
    written by Youness Boumia
    Click HERE to view the full Dawei Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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    Chocheng Spring Summer 2020 during New York Fashion Week
    Showing again at New York Fashion Week was our favorite designer Cho Cho Cheng of Chocheng. Cheng studied fashion and costume design at Parsons School of Design then moving to London, working at Savile Row to learn the art and skills of British tailoring.

    The Chocheng brand focuses on using natural and cruelty-free materials while adding luxurious details to the pieces. Fabrics are produced in Europe, while the garments are hand-sewn in London using skills and techniques from Savile Row. Cheng also chooses to have accessories made in Italy. These factors and details that have gone into the Chocheng collections are what makes this brand our favorite.

    Like last season, this season used a similar theme of 1960’s movies. Although this season’s focuses were on the films Plein Soleil and Midnight Lace. The collection encompasses the retro aspects you would expect while still having a heavy emphasis on glamor, femininity, and mystery. Colors and patterns used in the collection include candy stripes, coral red, soft shades of pink, and neutral tones. Dresses, skirts, blouses, and jackets where the main types of garments seen throughout the collection. Our favorite look was the strapless bermuda top combined with a matching jacket and mini skirt in a candy stripe pattern, accessorised with large wooden framed sunglasses, a straw woven handbag and a pair of lace-up platform espadrilles made for an ultimate fun, chic, day look that we can look forward to in the next spring season.
    written by Style is Viral
    Click HERE to view the full Chocheng Spring Summer 2020 collection.
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    Designs Influenced by Paul Poiret’s Japanese-Inspired Silhouette at Cushnie Fall Winter 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    Carly Cushnie, famed for creating beautifully crafted designs that flatter the curves of a woman’s body. These looks enticed us with her recent collection inspired by French master couturier, Paul Poiret’s 20th-century Japanese-inspired silhouettes. She also took inspiration from the Japanese art of floral arrangements. Forming angular shapes, and geometric folds inspired by artist Nicola Kloosterman’s Shadowplay collage series. She chose to design this elegant Japanese-inspired collection in decadent navy, burgundy, blue, and purple hues.

    She kept her signature aesthetic of feminine, clean lines, emphasizing on the shape, and form. Hints of boldness were articulated in forms of Japanese-inspired floral print embroidery, artful draping and folds to create pleated shoulder, asymmetrical neckline, and fringed details. The runway looks consisted of exquisitely constructed tops, jackets, trousers, jumpsuits, and skirts in luxurious satin and velvet fabrics.

    This well-tailored collection, with its intricate use of handcrafted techniques, could only be expected of Cushnie.
    written by Tiffany Le
    Click HERE to view the full Cushine Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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    Afffair Spring Summer 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    Showing on the last day of fashion week was one of our favorite brands, Afffair. Quickly rising to the top as a preferred choice for celebrities and on the red carpet, designer Rufat Ismayel, creator of Afffair, brought a glamorous vision for this season and the brand. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Ismayel got his start by modeling for fashion houses as a teenager. He modeled for top brands like Paco Rabanne and Valentine Yudashkin. Then he realized he wanted to make a shift and create his own fashion brand and designs. Moving to Istanbul, he launched Afffair. Ismayel manages everything from design to factory garment production.

    Jeweled details and elegant evening gowns are some of the features that make this collection so luxurious. Most pieces shown this season were dresses except for the occasional jumper, pants, shorts, skirt, and tops. Colors used in the collection were green, gold, and black. Materials noticed included organza, satin, velvet, and chiffon. The collection used opaque materials, and played with the use of skin which added sexy and mysterious vibes. A few of the looks were styled with a headband that complimented the collection.
    written by Style is Viral
    Click HERE to view the full Afffair Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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