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    CAAFD Emerging Designer Collective, Spring 2019

    Heavy rain and flash-flood warnings around Pier 59 Studios did not stop a fashionable crowd from forming outside for the CAAFD Emerging Designer Collective. Absent the glitz and glamour of photographers and celebrities further downtown, the energy leading into the event was rather demure; bad weather had forced an otherwise colorful crowd of spectators to hide under their umbrellas, quickly shuffling inside where the energy of the event finally revealed itself. The showcase of 4 emerging designers, including MOUTON BLANC, Zabetta Couture, Anyi, and Thunyatorn, presented by the CAAFD, was as electric as the sky outside

    MOUTON BLANC opened the showcase, setting the bar high for the remaining three designers of the evening. The collection mixed elements of fantasy, femininity, and practicality all in one, with designer Hakuyo Miya effortlessly blending different textures and styles into singular, cohesive looks. Competing design elements like sheer paneling, fringe, feathers, and beading, were all worked into a single garment. Miya’s use of texture was superb: a monochromatic, asymmetrical white blouse paired with a satin vest, sheer floral leggings, and a beaded lace headpiece; a long sleeve, hooded peach dress, constructed of painstakingly detailed and extensive draping, pleats, and tucks.

    Zabetta Couture followed, with designer Ruth Zabetta staying true to her roots with a tightly tailored, feminine collection of beachy dresses and ensembles. Vintage-inspired ferns and leaves offered a refreshing take on the floral prints dominating the runways. Though each look was structurally different from the next, the highly tailored, feminine silhouette often seen in Zabetta’s body of work was present throughout the collection; large, dynamic pleats and tiered ruffles were both consistent design elements, with the addition of a peplum hem on several looks making an interesting overall contribution to the collection.

    Peruvian-based design duo, Anyi, presented third, lending its environmentally sustainable take on ancient tradition to the collective. Their light, playful collection of jerseys and knits featured beach-worthy silhouettes: a pastel blue knit coordinate with long, textured sleeves and a serged hem; the sleeveless, crochet-knit maxi dress in cranberry red with a bold chevron-like pattern; the gold knit bikini with a short, feminine peplum and ruffled cap sleeves. The supporting details of the collection added an extra element that really allowed each look to shine, including crochet-knit sandals, hats, and purses.

    Thunyatorn presented the final collection of the evening, with Thai designer Thunyatorn Ng unveiling a dramatic and dynamic collection of looks. Ng’s background in wedding and bridal design was evident with a range of classical bridal silhouettes, though that is the full extent of its influence. Constructed almost entirely out of black satin (with some black, or even light grey, tulle integrated in), each gown was accented by some degree of metallic gold floral applique embroidered on the bodice. Paired with each look was a gold headpiece, easily the highlight of the collection, and perhaps the show: the towering, meticulously designed headpieces added an element of tradition and grandiosity to an already cinematic line. The most impressive look, a gold rattlesnake headpiece, lent drama to the sleek mermaid cut gown with a long, cape-like peplum overlay. To accent the overall look of the collection was the almost-gothic make-up, which featured a bold black matte lip and smears of gold glitter around the eyes, though nothing more.

    Written by Francis Lamar

    Click HERE to view the full CAAFD Emerging Designer Collective, Spring/Summer 2019collection.

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    Chocheng Spring Summer 2020 during New York Fashion Week
    Showing again at New York Fashion Week was our favorite designer Cho Cho Cheng of Chocheng. Cheng studied fashion and costume design at Parsons School of Design then moving to London, working at Savile Row to learn the art and skills of British tailoring.

    The Chocheng brand focuses on using natural and cruelty-free materials while adding luxurious details to the pieces. Fabrics are produced in Europe, while the garments are hand-sewn in London using skills and techniques from Savile Row. Cheng also chooses to have accessories made in Italy. These factors and details that have gone into the Chocheng collections are what makes this brand our favorite.

    Like last season, this season used a similar theme of 1960’s movies. Although this season’s focuses were on the films Plein Soleil and Midnight Lace. The collection encompasses the retro aspects you would expect while still having a heavy emphasis on glamor, femininity, and mystery. Colors and patterns used in the collection include candy stripes, coral red, soft shades of pink, and neutral tones. Dresses, skirts, blouses, and jackets where the main types of garments seen throughout the collection. Our favorite look was the strapless bermuda top combined with a matching jacket and mini skirt in a candy stripe pattern, accessorised with large wooden framed sunglasses, a straw woven handbag and a pair of lace-up platform espadrilles made for an ultimate fun, chic, day look that we can look forward to in the next spring season.
    written by Style is Viral
    Click HERE to view the full Chocheng Spring Summer 2020 collection.
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    Designs Influenced by Paul Poiret’s Japanese-Inspired Silhouette at Cushnie Fall Winter 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    Carly Cushnie, famed for creating beautifully crafted designs that flatter the curves of a woman’s body. These looks enticed us with her recent collection inspired by French master couturier, Paul Poiret’s 20th-century Japanese-inspired silhouettes. She also took inspiration from the Japanese art of floral arrangements. Forming angular shapes, and geometric folds inspired by artist Nicola Kloosterman’s Shadowplay collage series. She chose to design this elegant Japanese-inspired collection in decadent navy, burgundy, blue, and purple hues.

    She kept her signature aesthetic of feminine, clean lines, emphasizing on the shape, and form. Hints of boldness were articulated in forms of Japanese-inspired floral print embroidery, artful draping and folds to create pleated shoulder, asymmetrical neckline, and fringed details. The runway looks consisted of exquisitely constructed tops, jackets, trousers, jumpsuits, and skirts in luxurious satin and velvet fabrics.

    This well-tailored collection, with its intricate use of handcrafted techniques, could only be expected of Cushnie.
    written by Tiffany Le
    Click HERE to view the full Cushine Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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    Afffair Spring Summer 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    Showing on the last day of fashion week was one of our favorite brands, Afffair. Quickly rising to the top as a preferred choice for celebrities and on the red carpet, designer Rufat Ismayel, creator of Afffair, brought a glamorous vision for this season and the brand. Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Ismayel got his start by modeling for fashion houses as a teenager. He modeled for top brands like Paco Rabanne and Valentine Yudashkin. Then he realized he wanted to make a shift and create his own fashion brand and designs. Moving to Istanbul, he launched Afffair. Ismayel manages everything from design to factory garment production.

    Jeweled details and elegant evening gowns are some of the features that make this collection so luxurious. Most pieces shown this season were dresses except for the occasional jumper, pants, shorts, skirt, and tops. Colors used in the collection were green, gold, and black. Materials noticed included organza, satin, velvet, and chiffon. The collection used opaque materials, and played with the use of skin which added sexy and mysterious vibes. A few of the looks were styled with a headband that complimented the collection.
    written by Style is Viral
    Click HERE to view the full Afffair Spring Summer 2019 collection.
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    Concept Korea Fall Winter 2019 during New York Fashion Week
    The very idea of Concept Korea is a fascinating one: a government-sponsored fashion collective developed to promote a burgeoning crop of talented Korean designers on a global platform. This season, breakthrough brands IISE and LIE each brought exciting, though very different, aesthetics to the world at NYFW.

    LIE opened with a strong offering from designer Chungchung Lee, who delivered a relaxed, dynamic line of feminine daywear to the runway. A visually complex line with layers of contrasting textures, harsh patterns, and experimental textile combinations, Lee’s design aesthetic was unfamiliar, but altogether very desirable. Look-after-look demanded attention and conjured a sense of luxury and wealth: the mid-collection ensemble of wool plaid trousers and a leopard print jacket, both paired with a clashing midi blouse constructed of plaid, matching leopard print, and lace. Lee is an exciting young designer able to actualize his experimental vision and deliver it earnestly on the runway; LIE invokes curiosity and is very promising.

    Helmed by design duo (and brothers) Terrence and Kevin Kim, IISE closed the collective with the intriguing and aptly titled collection, “Protest,” featuring 20 handpicked models of different races, looks, and attitudes. Constructed of materials sourced solely from their home city of Seoul, Protest offered an authentic, surprisingly emotive collection of streetwear designs. Several strong looks in head-to-toe black opened, notably a layered, sleek ensemble of sheer stockings, bicycle shorts, and a nicely tailored vinyl zip-up under a simple, utilitarian jacket. With each look more color was introduced until the complete absence of black was palpable: the intricately patterned and designed pastel blue poncho and trouser set brought a daring authenticity that was all in the details, how it created space and movement down the runway. IISE’s first NYFW offering was spirited and unique, an exploration of a global city’s history and how that narrative might illuminate its future.
    written by Francis Lamar
    Click HERE to view the full IISE Fall Winter 2019 collection.
    Click HERE to view the full LIE Fall Winter 2019 collection.
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