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  • hauturely posted 4 photos 3 weeks ago

    Luxurious Knit Collection at Maria Aristidou Fall Winter 2018 during Haute Couture Fashion Week
    Maria Aristidou Fall Winter18 Haute Couture Collection, Serendipity, originated from her desire to be different from the rest. While other Haute Couture shows at Paris Fashion Week revealed collections with ritzy gowns, Maria Aristidou focused on…[Read more]

    Luxurious Luxurious Luxurious Luxurious
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 4 weeks ago

    Hand-Made Flower Embellishments at Xuan Fall Winter 2018 during Haute Couture Fashion Week
    Vietnamese Designer, Xuan-Thu Nguyen, debuted her collection of couture dresses with handcrafted floral embellishments that made a strong statement with no need for glitzy studding, jewel or crystal encrusting. She also opted out of popular machine-made 3D…[Read more]

    Hand-Made Hand-Made Hand-Made Hand-Made
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Spirit of Sensuality at Katrine K. Spring Summer 2019 during Paris Fashion Week
    This collection is inspired by Princess Grace, and embodies a woman’s sensuality. It consists of luxurious gowns and pantsuits with clean lines and sultry silhouettes of form-fitting bodices and full skirts that flow effortlessly. Think ethereal, like a warm breeze o…[Read more]

    Spirit of Spirit of Spirit of Spirit of
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 month ago

    Is Yuima Nakazato Spring Summer 2019 Haute Couture Collection Really Couture?
    Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato’s recent Haute Couture Collection is different from most Haute Couture collections in that it’s sustainable and doesn’t use a sewing machine. How is this possible as couture fashion is all about sewing using luxurious fabrics? Nonet…[Read more]

    Is Yuima NIs Yuima NIs Yuima NIs Yuima N
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 month ago

    Majestic Kimonos with Floral Artwork Stole the Show at Yumi Katsura Fall Winter 2018 during Haute Couture Fashion
    This year’s Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week had many designers channeling their Asian heritage. Numerous shows had looks inspired by traditional Japanese kimonos and cherry blossoms, among them was designer Yumi Katsura. Her fall w…[Read more]

    Majestic KMajestic KMajestic KMajestic K
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 month ago

    Bold Prints and Patterns Take Catwalk at Romance Was Born Fall Winter 2018 during Haute Couture Fashion Week
    As much as we adore feminine red carpet gowns at Haute Couture shows, it’s refreshing to see a different approach to event wear. Australian fashion house Romance Was Born Fall Winter 2018 presented us with their first Haute Couture show i…[Read more]

    Bold PrintBold PrintBold PrintBold Print
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Contemporary Dance Intro at Kithe Brewster Fall Winter 2018 during Haute Couture Fashion Week
    These days, it isn’t a fashion show without a spectacle, as seen in the latest Kithe Brewster FW18 Haute Couture Collection, which opened with a contemporary dance performance set in Ancient Roman Era.

    The story unfolded with a beautiful couple g…[Read more]

  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Glitter Accents Making A Big Impact at Patrick Pham Fall Winter 2018 during Haute Couture Fashion Week
    Patrick Pham’s Fall Winter 2018 Haute Couture Collection at Paris Fashion Week was set in a room with crystal chandeliers and gold trim wall accents. The backdrop complimented the collection as floral appliqués, embroidery, color block, cr…[Read more]

    Glitter AcGlitter AcGlitter AcGlitter Ac
  • hauturely posted 3 photos 5 months ago

    Prairie Inspired Collection Slayed at NYFW, Jonathan Simkhai Spring Summer 2019
    Jonathan Simkhai embraced the romantic prairie trend in his Spring/Summer 2019 collection. It showcased at NYFW as a fashion presentation and takes on a whimsical vibe. The romantic collection was presented beautifully on the models as they posed gracefully in groups…[Read more]

    Prairie InPrairie InPrairie In
  • hauturely posted 3 photos 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Christian Cowan’s Avant-Garde Looks Appeal to Musicians – New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019
    A young Christian Cowan, at only 23 years old and a recent grad at London College of Fashion, has made his mark among musicians with his creative avant-garde designs. He’s made costumes for Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Miley Cyrus, to nam…[Read more]

    Christian Christian Christian
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 7 months, 1 week ago

    Nolcha Shows Accessories Preview Spring/Summer 2019

    The Nolcha Show at New York Fashion Week is the place where independent designers from around the globe gather to showcase their designs, with four accessory brands exhibited their spring/summer 2019 collections this year. The common thread among these brands were accessories that made bold…[Read more]

    Nolcha ShoNolcha ShoNolcha ShoNolcha Sho
  • hauturely posted 3 photos 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    All About Vintage at Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Fall Winter 2018 during New York Fashion Week
    Italian designer Chiara Boni is known for creating beautifully crafted dresses that define the curves of a woman’s body, and her FW18 La Petite Robe collection remains true to form; inspired by the elegant 1930s glamor of Hollywood’s Golden Age, an era…[Read more]

    All About All About All About
  • hauturely posted 3 photos 1 year ago

    Underground Fashion Show at Sally LaPointe Fall Winter 2018 during New York Fashion Week
    Sally LaPointe showcased her Fall/Winter 2018 Collection at NYFW in the Skylight Modern building in the basement level. The massive room resembled an underground club with thin metal bars that hung vertically from the ceiling towards the ground. Attached to…[Read more]

  • hauturely posted 3 photos 1 year ago

    Theatrical Fashion Presentation at The Blonds Fall Winter 2018 during New York Fashion Week
    We can always expect The Blonds to put up an awesome show during NYFW! A theatrical fashion presentation with rock n roll band performance and vocals from one of the models. 90’s nostalgia made an impactful statement as female and male models walked the…[Read more]

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