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  • hauturely posted 4 photos 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hand-Made Flower Embellishments at Xuan Fall Winter 2018 during Haute Couture Fashion Week
    Vietnamese Designer, Xuan-Thu Nguyen, debuted her collection of couture dresses with handcrafted floral embellishments that made a strong statement with no need for glitzy studding, jewel or crystal encrusting. She also opted out of popular machine-made 3D…[Read more]

    Hand-Made Hand-Made Hand-Made Hand-Made
  • hauturely posted 3 photos 4 months, 1 week ago

    Wood Wood Autumn Winter 2019 at London Fashion Week Mens
    Wood Wood’s AW19 sporty, urban and down to earth collection was made for the lover of the great outdoors. The name of the collection “Come Down Easy,” referring to mountain descents as well as a state of mind, was influenced by skiwear, mountain life and adventures in nature.

    The colle…[Read more]

    Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood Wood
  • hauturely posted 3 photos 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    Oliver Spencer Spring Summer 2019 – Wildflower
    Oliver Spencer’s ‘Wildflower’ series is a catwalk collection that truly encompasses the past, present and future of the appreciation of nature and environmental preservation. The past: a youthful hippie, a rocker at heart with a daisy chain around his neck and an appreciation for the world around…[Read more]

    Oliver SpeOliver SpeOliver Spe
  • Pimpredee posted a photo 1 year ago

    🔺PimPredee🔻 is proud to present our NEW “ETHICAL FASHION” COLLECTION!! All materials in this collection were made from organic materials and fabrics, specifically “Cotton” and “Linen”. Using and wearing organic fabrics helps reduce waste in our environment as they do not consist of plastic residues which are non-degradable. Apart from that cotton…[Read more]

  • Pimpredee posted a photo 1 year ago

    For #PimPredee ‘s latest collection, THE #ETHICALFASHION COLLECTION, all textiles and materials will be made by cotton from #folkcharm.journey and organic linens. The style of the collection will still maintain our aesthetic philosophy of “simplicity” and “elegance” but at the same time paying more attention to making fashion more environmentally…[Read more]

    For #PimPr
  • hauturely posted 2 photos 1 year, 3 months ago

    Paula Knorr, Sparkling Diva
    “Oh. My. God.” This was our reaction when we entered the dark room where the Paula Knorr Autumn Winter 2018 Womenswear collection was showing. The decor, minimalist and yet impressive, looked like a set from the Cannes Film Festival: the two main elements of the room were a large piece of shiny silver sequin fabric dre…[Read more]

    Paula KnorPaula Knor
  • hauturely posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    Sabinna’s Fall Winter 2017 collection revolves around the nostalgic idea of first love. It tried to capture the feeling of staying true to yourself while trying to impress the person you love. These mixed feelings led to meet mixed material, organic cotton meets the signature hand crochet flowers, knitted corsets meet the printed organza and v…[Read more]

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