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  • hauturely posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    The Future and the Familiar at Flying Solo Spring Summer 2020 during New York Fashion Week
    Flying Solo produces collections with designs made by multiple designers, sending an array of colors and styles marching down the runway each season. This season’s collection seemed to introduce a futuristic twist to the e…[Read more]

  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 year, 1 month ago

    Winter Wonderland at Chanel Fall Winter 2019 during Paris Fashion Week
    Chanel’s farewell to the iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld was held on 4/5/19 at the Grand Pails in Paris, France. Winter Wonderland came to life with faux snow, built-in cabins, and a snowy mountain backdrop. Chanel’s F/W 2019 ready to wear runway show was nothing short of mag…[Read more]

    Winter WonWinter WonWinter WonWinter Won
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 year, 1 month ago

    What Is ‘Normal’ Today? – Manish Arora Fall Winter 2019 during Paris Fashion Week
    Titled “Finally Normal People”; the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection is a perfect slice of Manish’s style, peppered with danger and spiced with rebellion. A melting pot of fashionistas outside the American Cathedral in Paris jostled to get in, only to get a peek at t…[Read more]

  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 year, 5 months ago

    Manon Planche Autumn Winter 2019 during London Fashion Week
    In a futuristic collection for the Manon Planche Autumn Winter 2019 collection, metallics combined with sheer layering, are presented in an atmosphere of neon backgrounds, live music and visual art, all contributing to the Manon Planche presentation at this season’s London Fashion…[Read more]

    Manon PlanManon PlanManon PlanManon Plan
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 year, 5 months ago

    Jolin Wu Autumn Winter 2019 during London Fashion Week
    Inspired by a vintage photograph of a crowd viewing a lunar eclipse, Jolin Wu presents a collection that evolves from the past to the future. Drawing on her distinctive inquisitiveness surrounding the universe, Wu incorporates the notion of past curiosity before a world of immediate answers…[Read more]

    Jolin Wu AJolin Wu AJolin Wu AJolin Wu A
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 year, 11 months ago

    Flower Child
    Amehl SS19 Collection

    Born in Buenos Aires, Amanda Mehl, designer of the fashion label Amelia, is the daughter of fashion designer Beverly Mehl, so it could be said that fashion design is in her blood. At a young age, with an eye for style and an imagination that would not stop, Mehl would hit the garment district at a young age.…[Read more]

    Flower ChiFlower ChiFlower ChiFlower Chi
  • hauturely posted 4 photos 1 year, 12 months ago

    Don’t stop the Color Block

    Carlos Campos Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2019

    Carlos Campos certainly brought the color blocking this season for his SS19 runway show on Monday July 9, 2018. The show took place at Industria Studios, in New York City; the space was packed with a sleek and stylish crowd of attendees.

    Campos, who is known for his c…[Read more]

    Don’t stDon’t stDon’t stDon’t st
  • hauturely posted 3 photos 2 years ago

    Filling Pieces SS 2019

    Next to a very intimate Café, on an inconspicuous street in a neighborhood rife with Parisian spirit, Filling Pieces, a clothing brand founded in Amsterdam by designer Guillaume Philibert presented its newest collection. The brand arrived in France within the last few years and quickly became the latest trend in footwear…[Read more]

    Filling PiFilling PiFilling Pi
  • KristinaSarkanyova posted a photo 2 years, 7 months ago

    If something define my #character, then it will also #define my way of playing. I never do any step without a #reason. I use every day my #strong #memory and #imagination, because I know that the ultimate #measure is not where I stand in the #moments of comfort and convenience, but where I stand at time of #challenge and #controversity. 28500127_1…[Read more]

    If somethi
  • Merima Delic posted a photo 3 years, 5 months ago

    This unusual geometric necklace inspired by circle as a symbol of Love…Designer Merima Delic share with you her imaginations… CIMG6783

    This unusu
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