Hauturely is an international community of highly engaged, high fashion-obsessed users who rely on the site for engaging style analysis and new designer discovery.

The brainchild of luxury fashion aficionado and experienced web community builder Chloe Recine, Hauturely is the natural brand extension for Recine’s wildly popular social media accounts which have amassed more than 575,000 followers.

More than fifty volunteer editors and brand ambassadors help to ensure that digitally-savvy sartorialists from all over the world now have a dedicated platform to connect and share with one another around their literal passion for fashion.

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With Hauturely you can:

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  • Post images/questions, repost content, comment, heart and share
  • Create your own mood board of fashion inspiration with hashtags
  • Apply to become a Hauturely editor and gain exclusive access to fashion week and community management experience

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